RE: [rumori] Napster Nuggets

From: Vicki Bennett (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 01:01:55 PDT


> I haven't yet tried out these "nuggets", but I have been using Napster
>for awhile as a great source of raw material. I recommend it to anyone doing
>sound collage work - especially with pop music.

I completely agree. The downside is I end up instant messaging with people
and haven't done any work for two weeks, I'm terribly addicted! I'd say
that the "mic in track..." files were not meant to be shared. The people
just forgot. Downloaded some last night and most are really the most
terrible guitar playing and wailing. And some AWWWFUL bits of classical
music with a drum and bass beat kicking in after a minute of downloading!
Found one good one though - a band practice that was about to start... a
bit of pottering around and then they leave the room (you hear the door)
and then you hear their parrot squawking!

One problem I do have is the
>limited search engine. You can't get more than 100 results, and you can't
>exclude words from the search. Something to work on in future updates
>perhaps, but it's still a great resource.

It's because there are a number of servers that you are hit and miss with
what is being shared with you, I think. You can download Napigator and
switch from server to server, rather than have your server chosen for you.
 Except I tried and it started fighting with Napster. But then that's what
PCs like to do, isn't it, Mac users...

> One thing I haven't seen mentioned here about Napster that is great for
>artists is the instant message feature. It's great fun to find somebody who
>has your music on their hard drive and start up a conversation with them
>about where they got it, what else is available, etc..

Yes, if you add the user to your "hotlist" you can then get the whole list
of what they are sharing. Many times I will be uploading and will then
download from the same person.

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