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From: The Evolution Control Committee (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 03:30:05 PDT

     Nugget hunters, I've written a very small program that will help you
download Napster Nuggets. If you've been irritated by those "Overwrite or
Rename" dialog boxes that keep popping up and you're on a Windows machine,
here's your chance to beta test the Napster Nugget Renamer: (44k)

     This isn't a proper install; hopefully you have the latest Visual
Basic/Studio/etc. libraries installed and this will just work. Or maybe
I'll fold it into an installable version. Anyway, just run this before you
start download Napster Nuggets. When each one with a common name (Mic In
Track 2, Mic In Track 07, etc.) completes downloading, it will be renamed
to a unique name by appending a number to the end. Cuts down those dialog
boxes quite a bit, though not altogether.

     Also, note that you will also find Nuggets by searching for:


     ...but the Mic In Track ones are typically better.

At 10:01 AM 10/11/00 +0200, Vicki wrote:

>I completely agree. The downside is I end up instant messaging with people
>and haven't done any work for two weeks, I'm terribly addicted! I'd say
>that the "mic in track..." files were not meant to be shared. ...

     Mr. Stop Children is correct in that Napster will share out MP3s on
your hard drive automatically if you ask for it, so while the people may
not -mean- to share the MP3s, it was under their control to prevent it from
happening. I believe that some people may intend for those to be shared
however, but perhaps only with certain people who they tell to look for
them, not expecting that <ahem> people like us will be looking for them too.

>... Downloaded some last night and most are really the most
>terrible guitar playing and wailing. And some AWWWFUL bits of classical
>music with a drum and bass beat kicking in after a minute of downloading!
>Found one good one though - a band practice that was about to start... a
>bit of pottering around and then they leave the room (you hear the door)
>and then you hear their parrot squawking!

     I've collected around a hundred of my favorites now, and a couple of
favorites that come to mind are a man, uh, "singing" along with Smells Like
Teen Spirit, and a voice email that someone sent to his ex-girlfriend
shortly after their breakup. For the Nirvana guy, search for a Mic In Track
with the number 1221165452 in it.

>It's because there are a number of servers that you are hit and miss with
>what is being shared with you, I think. You can download Napigator and
>switch from server to server, rather than have your server chosen for you.
> Except I tried and it started fighting with Napster. But then that's what
>PCs like to do, isn't it, Mac users...

     Yeah, I've been trying Napigator to check some of the other servers.
The non-Napster networks have virtually no Nuggets at all. Going to other
Napster networks sometimes helps. Another search tip is to restrict your
search to only find a certain bitrate or connection speed; this way you'll
get 80 Nuggets at cable speed, 75 Nuggets at 96 kbps, etc.

>Yes, if you add the user to your "hotlist" you can then get the whole list
>of what they are sharing. Many times I will be uploading and will then
>download from the same person.

     I'm only too aware that doing this would open up a whole new addiction
that I need to avoid...

Philo sez:
>i ask from an artistic viewpoint since whether or not people are purposely
>making these files public alters the context of appropriation.

     I agree, and it seems to me that these are recordings not necessarily
meant for a widely public audience, but meant for some sort of audience (or
most wouldn't have been recorded at all). But I don't believe people are
intending for many of these to be public or found, or they would have given
the file a more meaningful filename.

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