Re: [rumori] Reading suggestions for the future of digital music distribution?

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 09:42:25 PDT

This is a good question, Mark. I'd like to see that Barlow
article too.

hey i think this is it:
here's the intro:

here's the barlow article:

and here's the printable version:

appropriately enough, the subtitle reads "Will Copyright
Survive the Napster Bomb?" heheheh...

In case anyone hasn't seen it, Barlow also wrote a famous,
excellent essay years ago called
"Selling Wine without Bottles":

Also, for some valuable perspective I found the book
"Copyrighting Culture" to be extremely valuable. It's by
Ronald V. Bettig, published by Westview Press in 1996. The
book says almost nothing about the internet but it explores
the socioeconomic/political details of the "culture
industry" very thorougly. Bettig cites tons of statistics
concerning who owns what and how much money they're getting,
and he also meticulously details various landmark cases like
the Betamax lawsuit and the cable tv lawsuit. The devil's
advocate, pessimistic flipside viewpoint that i get from
this book is that Napster may be just another in a long
series of technologies which at first seem to threaten the
monopolies that control culture, but then end up being just
another profit vector for those same powers-that-be. (Which
is not to say the book is all doom and gloom. The last
chapter is called "Intellectual Property and the Politics of
Resistance" and is very interesting.)

However, i have yet to read this new Barlow article so maybe
that will cheer me up. I'm going to go read it now.



Steev Hise, Nervert
"We still look to a darker future. Perhaps we are helping to
 bring it about. Perhaps not. But the pay is good."
                -Locke Berbile

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