[rumori] Reading suggestions for the future of digital music distribution?

From: The Evolution Control Committee (eccATpobox.com)
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 23:11:41 PDT

     Hello all. I thought I'd ask my fave group of samplehedz for reading

     The dilly: I'm going to be on this panel where the topic is basically
about what the future of music sales and distribution will be now that
we've all seen Napster and there ain't no going back now. I gather that the
idea here is to answer the question "How will musicians make money in the
post-Napster world?" Breaking down that question introduces other
questions, like whether the major labels will survive, how can musicians
sell their music directly to the public, are MP3 files (and the free
sharing thereof) good or bad in the long run, and so on.

     Natch, I already have some opinions on all of this, but I'm pitifully
illiterate regarding any recently done articles on the subject, and I'm
sure some will come up. I just heard today that last month's Wired happened
to have an article about this topic by John Perry Barlow. So, my Q's to youz:

<> Can anyone point me towards any other articles on the subject? WWW
links are welcome, though if it's not too inconvenient for you to send
fulltext to my emailbox, that would be extremely helpful.

<> Would anyone have the text of that Wired article? I briefly searched
their site but didn't find it.

     Many thanks to all of you... and when I'm given it, I'll be posting a
link for viewing the performances that The ECC (myself solely
representing), John Oswald, and EBN will be giving at the confrerence.

- Mark

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