Re: [rumori] Reading suggestions for the future of digital music distribution?

From: Jon Leidecker (
Date: Sat Oct 21 2000 - 00:35:06 PDT

> Hello all. I thought I'd ask my fave group of samplehedz for reading

Not to become too much of a broken record on this, but Wendy J. Gordon,
she's probably the major figure actually publishing law review articles
that counter the corporate perspective. Her main riff centers around the
basic concept that private property is all very well and good right up
until the point at which it begins to detract from that which serves the
public best.

I'm not sure how easy it is to find her articles (one of my friends had
free Westlaw access for a few critical months and printed me a few of her
articles that way, mainly 'Fair Use as Market Failure' on the Betamax
case), but typing her name into Google will at least get you a handful of

Can't find any mp3-specific articles by her, but if any digital sampling
case ever actually makes it to court, her work is going to one of the main
cornerstones of the defense. She's a hero.


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