[rumori] X$X and the search for the lost vote.

From: Michael K (xactATuk2.net)
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 11:35:42 PST

Apparently official.

"George Bush" and 'unknown particulars' in Nixon 'attempt'.

The father of President Bush has 'come' clean about his 'involvement'
with a bunch of libertarian 'archonanists' in Florida during the
so-called 'Summer of Campus Crime' in the late sixties and early eighties.
The former star of The Simpsons and ZOO TV allowed himself to be 'shown'
emails '...likely to change the future of white rip-off hip-hop in the
'near present'....', according to an unnamed 'source'. The keen gofer
admitted that he was 'enthralled at each thrilling new revolution' and
was later seen braindishing a copy of 'The Politics of Ecstasy' by
cyber-guru and former Harvard 'professor', Dr. Timothy Leary before
sitting down to a chat-room about the forthcoming 'Archonanists'
Glossary' which is 'planned by' XACT Publishing in the UK. Leaving
'aside' George's many jokes about popstars in the toilets at his local
golfing emporium, Bush would often mull over a bowl of broccoli given to
him by his mother, "the late late Mrs. Bush". Meanwhile "Mrs. Bush", who
bears a striking similarity to other contemporary
mothers-of-the-american-revolution including that of the
president-eleKt, "George Bush", has been thinking about whether to opt
for some of those new 'Linda McCartneys' that certain 'friends' of hers
have been 'raving about'. The ex-wings star is now selling her produce
in the US with results that have been described by outsiders as 'like
Karoli pies in Helsinki'.

Meanwhile, 'Jerry Cornelius', who buzzed up several US media 'giants'
when he set off to find his 'author', the great Michael Morrcock, author
of tomes such as 'New Worlds' and "The Retreat from Liberty" in the late
sixties and early eighties. Cornelius, a 'name' that's 'fixed' but those
'using it' aren't has been interviewed in the so-called 'Kalifornia'
issue of Kathedral by an ex-pool player who now has '...an mp3 tooth
plugged directly into his Apple Mac when at home..' Hapless former
warehouseman and brother of antiques dealer and property owner, Frank,
Cornelius is revising some editions of his earlier 'books' for a
pre-XMAS launch exclusively through the X$X site at
http://www.xdollarx.com. Pre-promotion has already started at
http://www.internovel.org.uk while, in a third day of kount kount kount,
several US lawyers are reported to be 'intellihanced' by the workload
offered in the current 'selecta krisis' at the polls.

The case is open and shut simultaneously
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