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Corbis is a Bill Gates project. -r



The United Farm Workers Union, union co-founder Dolores Huerta and
several women artists sued an Internet firm in federal court in San
Francisco today, charging mural and photo copyright infringement.
The lawsuit accuses Corbis Corp. of misappropriating images ``of
particular importance and significance to the Latino community'' and
selling them through its Web site without permission.
Corbis, which according to the lawsuit is affiliated with Microsoft
Corp., has an online collection of 1.5 million digital images that it
sells to consumers and graphic artists. The company has corporate
headquarters in Los Angeles and San Diego.
The suit charges Corbis with violating the copyrights on four
outdoor Hispanic or feminist murals in the Mission District of San
Francisco. The artists, who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit, are Susan
Kelk Cervantes, Juana Alicia and a group of seven women artists called
Maestrapeace artworks.
Corbis is also accused in the lawsuit of misappropriating Huerta's
photographic image and violating the UFW's trademark rights to its
union slogan ``Si Se Puede!'' and black Aztec eagle logo. The suit
says Corbis illegally sells those symbols in a reproduction of a mural
and in at least 18 photos offered for sale online.
The lawsuit asks for a court order halting the alleged violations
and requiring the company to forfeit their profits to the plaintiffs
and compensate them for losses.


CONTACT: Robert Retana (650) 697-6000 or Brooke Oliver
(415) 641-1116, attorneys for plaintiffs
Corbis Corp. (800) 260-0444

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