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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 00:02:46 PST

Thu, 14 Dec 2000 found Every Man writing:

>show here in Cleveland, OH) Droplift has gotten write-ups in zines such
>as Entertainment Weekly & the LA Times, and has gotten exposure on

i didn't think those were "zines"....

>The press is just beginning to truly catch on to this
>project nearly a half year old, and it's only going to
>get bigger as we do more of these. The beauty of this is
>that as the press covers it more, more CD's get
>downloaded, burned, and distributed.

i think you're misunderstanding the media - why would it get
bigger? the more you do, the less attention you'll get,
because it won't be new or unusual anymore.

this whole droplift idea still bothers me. but we've
discussed it before here. if anyone wants to review what was
said, check the rumori archive starting here:

>- must donate $50 per track

so waitaminute, i'm supposed to give you 50 bucks so you can
give away 1000 CDs, most of which will be sold by record
stores which will keep 100% of the revenues?

>and the majority of the tracks do not project a message of any kind. I felt
>it would be cool to have a compilation which was along the same lines, but
>required the tracks consist of text-manipulation. After seeing Droplift, I

i do like the fact that you are trying to encourage pieces
that have a message. i will be interested to hear the
finished collection and see just how much message there is,
and how focused and coherent the whole result is.

I just think it would be a stronger project if it had
nothing to do with "droplifting". And maybe if it was
curated rather than paid for by each artist.

>it, so we must give it away. The reason for a "themed" Droplift CD is
>simple. The first drop was definitely perceived by many as a prank, and the
>art form itself was given little focus in the media coverage. Having a

i predict it will continue to be given little focus. why
was it perceived as a prank? because it was. i mean, even
if you really did it, it was a prank. admit it. a stunt.
guerilla marketing.

>themed project like this one, one of text-manipulation, puts power in the
>punch; meaning that it puts the focus on its content more than the "prank."
>Yes, we're giving it away, and yes, it's technically trespassing to
>"droplift" it into stores, but the shock of that aspect is dissolving
>now...and we need a new angle to market ourselves or the media will ignore
>the second drop. With a theme like this one, the desire to expose the irony
>of advertising culture being broken down to a new non-advertising message is

huh? irresistable to whom? wha? huh?

how bout this instead: go on a serial killing spree,
leaving the CD in victims' chest cavities where their hearts
used to be. THAT will be truly irresistable to the media!
You could call it the Heartlift Project. Or the DropDead
Oh and you if someone offers to be a victim you should give
them a free track. it's only fair.

>The original pressing will be 1,000 CD's, but as with the Droplift Project,
>my hope is to make this publicly downloadable by anyone in the world,
>encouraging people with CD Burners to duplicate and "Droplift" more of them.
>The original Droplift CD has also had 1,000 CD's dropped around the globe,
>and judging by the numbers by those who monitor their daily downloads,
>several hundred more have been downloaded! If even half of those people
>burned at least one or more copies of their downloads, we can safely
>estimate that at least another thousand has been burned to disc and

I don't believe your math. Can we get some real statistics.
Does anyone know how many of the 1000 were really "dropped"?
Naked Rabbit, do you know? I'm sure hundreds were sent out
as promos, right? I got one so i sure hope at least a
couple hundred journalists and radio stations got one before
i did.

Further, you have no idea how many of the downloads
translated into burns and how many of those were dropped. I
might agree that 50% of downloads were actually made into
cd-r's. But most people probably just made one for their own
collection. How many people who were not artists ON the disc
or their friends would actually droplift copies? Just for
the thrill? I would like to belive it, but let's don't kid

But maybe I'm wrong. Anyone on this list who was NOT on the
Droplift CD and who left a copy in a store, please speak up.
I want my cynicism to be crushed like a rotten durien fruit
under a combat boot. eww.

( Oh, and i notice that there's still no photos on the photo page. not ONE photo of someone leaving
the disc at a record store! )

>- I took this on because I have a penchant for this audio art form, I
>believe in the many causes and concepts behind the Droplift Project, and I
>would just love to hear the finished product! So many possibiities exist
>here in the world of text manipulation, particularly in terms of satirizing

Yes, and "There's still so much to do with a 4/4 beat"....


Steev Hise, Syssy Admin
" long as capitalism survives, human relations and conciousness
will be fragmented and distorted. Unity is impossible in a
competitive, exploitative consumer society."
                -Chris Cutler

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