Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project

From: Pan (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 07:55:10 PST

Steev Hise wrote:
> i think you're misunderstanding the media - why would it get
> bigger? the more you do, the less attention you'll get,
> because it won't be new or unusual anymore.

It has continuously grown over the past few months. The growth has been
both commercial (promo in newspapers, web sites etc.) and otherwise
(more droplifters, more people downloading the material).
> so waitaminute, i'm supposed to give you 50 bucks so you can
> give away 1000 CDs, most of which will be sold by record
> stores which will keep 100% of the revenues?

That's right. This wasn't the "Screw Corporate Record Stores Project".
It was about droplifting discs and a host of other intentions, one of
which may have been the above, but it wasn't primary.

> and how focused and coherent the whole result is.

Again, this is where "intention" comes in. Many people of the original
Droplift had slightly different intentions. This project seems a bit
more focused. I agree coherence is good, if a coherent message is what
yer trying to get across.
> I just think it would be a stronger project if it had
> nothing to do with "droplifting". And maybe if it was
> curated rather than paid for by each artist.

I wouldn't say "nothing to do with Droplifting". Droplifting has proven
to be a good method to get shit out there. Whether it's a good method
for conveying a message is another story. That's why this project is not
being called Droplift II. Everyone wants to take advantage of the
droplift method without being dependent on it's message .
> i predict it will continue to be given little focus. why
> was it perceived as a prank? because it was. i mean, even
> if you really did it, it was a prank. admit it. a stunt.
> guerilla marketing.

That's right. That was the motivation of several people involved with
the project. It worked as a prank. The media tended to treat it as a
prank. Mission accomplished.
> how bout this instead: go on a serial killing spree,
> leaving the CD in victims' chest cavities where their hearts
> used to be. . .

Ok, you start :)
> I don't believe your math. Can we get some real statistics.

The download stats are great. There are way over a thousand unique IP's.
There are multiple logs on multiple machines that I haven't parsed out
yet, but the daily stats since since Sat-28-Oct-2000 are as follows
(from Analog):

Average data transferred per day: 1.153 Gbytes (0.978 Gbytes)
Amount of traffic: 13207: /dropliftaudio/

I had been using a different server previous to the above date. That log
still needs to be combined with the current one, but the numbers are
similar. These are ONLY for downloads, my server does not handle the
text pages (that would be Phat Joes department).

> Further, you have no idea how many of the downloads
> translated into burns and how many of those were dropped.

That is a hard one to gauge. If you look at the amount of mail we get
with people saying "I wanna droplift too!" the numbers should be good.

> ( Oh, and i notice that there's still no photos on the
> photo page. not ONE photo of someone leaving
> the disc at a record store! )

Actually, I've compressed a bunch of video. It just hasn't been linked
to off the main site.

In closing I would say that the project was a success. There were, in
reality, multiple intentions, many of which were satisfied. We have
reached people with the message and we did "fuck shit up" a little. I
have no doubts about this. Here is a letter we received a little over a
month ago:

   I am writing you as a student of Bothell High School in Bothell, WA.
US history teacher informed me of droplift and thought it would be a
idea to bring in the cd in the future and play it for the class. Not
it's educational value, but we are learning about how screwed up the
government is right now in class and droplift seems like something that
actually has there head on straight. I suppose I could write a review
that would help you guys. You can contact me at

  Zachary Mertens

This letter really meant a lot to me. It was after reading this that I
was satisfied with what we did.

By the way... I've never seen Steev be so critical of any project
mentioned in our little circle. We must be doing something right :)


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