Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project

From: Hammer Presley (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 05:45:06 PST

Just wanted to reply with a few comments on the subject...

First of all, for whatever it's worth, I am one of the participants of the
original project. There were a lot of other participants each with their
own reasons for doing it and their own view of what was being
accomplished, so I will only speak for myself.

I agree with a lot of Steev's comments and never saw it as anything more
than what it was from the start. Of course it was a stunt, and I am not
sure anyone was touting that the reasoning and ideals behind it were
totally airtight and beyond contradiction. I don't think any of that was
the point to begin with.

Sticking with the premise that this was "merely a stunt", then it's
important to keep in mind that its purpose is indeed simply to gain
attention or publicity by definition. And in that regard, I think Droplift
was very successful. Besides the media attention, we also got a lot of
feedback from people who had never even heard of this form of art, and
others who felt inspired to give it a go themselves. I am not sure anyone
was suggesting that this CD was going to be a singular brilliant work of
art that scholars would be puzzling over for centuries to come. And for
many of the participants, it was just a tiny diversion from their primary
projects which presumably hold much more ideological significance to them.
So while it may not have been a solid and complete statement about the
state of audio reappropriation that was going to turn the world on its
ear, I think it just served its small purpose in the greater scope of

I can try to make an analogy (we'll see how that goes), but let's use
politics as an example. You can say whatever you want, for example, about
Ralph Nader or Jesse Jackson and how they are or are not full of shit...
but the fact is, their small presence and the various "stunts" do serve a
purpose and (for better or for worse) do have an impact.

On the other hand, I can see the other argument. Perhaps the artform is
better off without all the distractions or stunts polluting the ideals,
but then that's an argument that will never end, since everyone will have
their own feelings about what ideals and pollutants are. Obviously, we all
have our own views of what we're doing. Something like Droplift was
certainly not appropriate for everyone (no pun intended. No really). And
that is precisely why many chose not to participate. And with so many
diverse participants, you would never have a consensus on "the point"
anyway. Perhaps you could think of it as a "guerrilla showcase"...
regardless of what the press release says (because the press release was
just for "them, out there" anyway).

Personally, I happen to like small stunts and pranks. Even when the
motivation is not totally justifiable or even coherent. To me, that's just
living. I certainly would never claim that Droplift was the ultimate
statement of what the art was all about or even what I am all about. To me
it was just a lot of fun. I'll save the profound statements for my own
body of work over which I obviously have more unilateral control (and
which perhaps might even gain a few audience members as a result of the

The rest of it... the Entertainment Weekly, the Adbusters, or the even
Santee Weekly Swapmeeter articles... those are just BS... if anything,
they are funny, and merely entertainment... weekly (ok, that one was
intended, but I agree it was unnecessary).

So, not sure if I covered everything, but just wanted to give my
perspective... I am certain that other participants in the project will
have a totally different view of it all.

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