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From: Every Man (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 09:42:06 PST

Gosh, it looks like I hit a soft spot! I think Pan is right,
if we got you to piss all over this project to this extent, it must be
a good one. ;)

At 12:02 AM 12/15/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Thu, 14 Dec 2000 found Every Man writing:
>->show here in Cleveland, OH) Droplift has gotten write-ups in zines such
>->as Entertainment Weekly & the LA Times, and has gotten exposure on
>i didn't think those were "zines"....

There are several others at
I was just naming a few.

>i think you're misunderstanding the media - why would it get
>bigger? the more you do, the less attention you'll get,
>because it won't be new or unusual anymore.

The more media attention it's been getting, the more downloads
we've been receiving, that's for sure.

"new or unusual" doesn't always = more attention. Sometimes the
media helps. I know a lot of people piss all over the media and what
it's capable of, but whenever an article gets written about my own
band, we increase both downloads and sales. I think there's some
value to it.

>->- must donate $50 per track
>so waitaminute, i'm supposed to give you 50 bucks so you can
>give away 1000 CDs, most of which will be sold by record
>stores which will keep 100% of the revenues?

Half of these are given away as promo copies to the media, the
other half is designated to "Droplifters" who can do whatever they
want with them. Some of them put them in libraries, not just stores.
I left one as a tip once at a restaurant, and that very night got an
email from the waiter saying he and his friends liked it!

It's a gimmick in the short run, but in the long run, it's helping
direct attention to the website and increase regular downloads.

This is helping spread our artwork at a phenomenal rate we've
never seen before, that much is certain. Half of the emails our
own band gets, are from people who told us they liked out track
on the Droplift CD.

Also, you can't say that most of the stores charge for this CD anymore
than we can say most downloaded copies are burned and Droplifted.
There is no true way to gauge this.

>i do like the fact that you are trying to encourage pieces
>that have a message. i will be interested to hear the
>finished collection and see just how much message there is,
>and how focused and coherent the whole result is.

Yep, me too! Wanna contribute? ;)

>I just think it would be a stronger project if it had
>nothing to do with "droplifting". And maybe if it was
>curated rather than paid for by each artist.

I've now written three emails to the Snuggles list asking if they cared
that "Droplift" was mentioned anywhere INSIDE the CD, and no one has
responded. However, this was after two weeks of arguing whether or not
this was going to be called "Droplift II." What we decided, is that this would
be the second group effort project of ours that would use the droplift form
of distribution. We'll probably mention the URL on the inner sleeve, but that's
the extent of it.

I'm giving it a little "Droplift" hype because I often get people asking
me how they can "get in on the next Droplift CD."

>i predict it will continue to be given little focus. why
>was it perceived as a prank? because it was. i mean, even
>if you really did it, it was a prank. admit it. a stunt.
>guerilla marketing.

There were as many reasons for Droplift's existence as there were people
invovled in making it. I've not heard two people on the droplift list agree to
any one given reason it was made. My reasons were extremely philosophical,
and I didn't particularly care for the "prank" aspect of it. Though half of the
Snuggles list pissed all over my comments about it way back then, so
I won't go into it again on rumori.

>->the second drop. With a theme like this one, the desire to expose the irony
>->of advertising culture being broken down to a new non-advertising message is
>huh? irresistable to whom? wha? huh?

who? what? where?

>how bout this instead: go on a serial killing spree,
>leaving the CD in victims' chest cavities where their hearts
>used to be. THAT will be truly irresistable to the media!
>You could call it the Heartlift Project. Or the DropDead
>Oh and you if someone offers to be a victim you should give
>them a free track. it's only fair.

Yeah, right.

>Further, you have no idea how many of the downloads
>translated into burns and how many of those were dropped. I
>might agree that 50% of downloads were actually made into
>cd-r's. But most people probably just made one for their own
>collection. How many people who were not artists ON the disc
>or their friends would actually droplift copies? Just for
>the thrill? I would like to belive it, but let's don't kid

The point is, unique IP downloads are consistently happening,
and that is a lot of attention all us artists wouldn't have otherwise had.
I consider it a bigger success than we could have hoped for.

>But maybe I'm wrong. Anyone on this list who was NOT on the
>Droplift CD and who left a copy in a store, please speak up.
>I want my cynicism to be crushed like a rotten durien fruit
>under a combat boot. eww.

Every Man
Press The Button, Midnight - 3 am Sundays
WRUW, 91.1 FM, Cleveland, OH

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