Re: [rumori] Droplift Project
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 13:13:30 PST

Hello Steev and list -
Up to this point I've avoided participation in discussion about the Droplift
Project, as I was a contributor and have felt a little ridiculous at times,
especially when reading the well thought out critiques of the project. The
project IS flawed - there's no denying that. That was never more clear to me
then on the occasion of paying for a copy of my own CD. I sent a note to the
Droplift message board about it...

Anyway - I agree with most of your criticisms. Again, its flawed - I felt
pretty stupid giving money to the big chain stores we deliberately targeted,
and I felt like a complete idiot on the occasion I wrote about in the above
post, when the manager just gave it to me after having the situaion explained
to her. The look on her face asked why, if I had nothing better to do with my
time than find the store manager and ask if I could leave the store with a CD
which was my own property, did I insist on wasting her time as well. However,
it HAS garnered a lot of media attention, considering the lack of big names
on the disc, and aside from raising awareness about the one issue, I think
another motivating factor was the possibility of raising awareness about each
of our own personal projects. From that perspective, its been a giant
success. And also - as a side note - it WAS a prank. A fairly well
orchestrated media prank. It was fun. It didn't accomplish some of the
loftier goals some of us talked about, I suppose, but as a collective
performance, I felt it was a success, and worth what little time I took to
Anyway - I should have shared my thoughts earlier - just thought I'd say a
little bit about my experience...
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