Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 13:40:23 PST

>I just think it would be a stronger project if it had
>nothing to do with "droplifting". And maybe if it was
>curated rather than paid for by each artist.

As the one in charge of the First Droplift Project, I couldn't agree
more. This is a weak link in the process.

>i predict it will continue to be given little focus. why
>was it perceived as a prank? because it was. i mean, even
>if you really did it,

We really did do it. I've got video to prove it.

>it was a prank. admit it. a stunt.
>guerilla marketing.

Freely. It was always intended as exactly that.

Are you implying that this is BAD somehow?

>I don't believe your math. Can we get some real statistics.

I don't believe there is a way to know. This ambiguity is fine with me,
but doesn't help anyone's argument.

>Does anyone know how many of the 1000 were really "dropped"?
>Naked Rabbit, do you know?

I myself retained five copies for no specific purpose. 1000 were
printed. 200 went out to key press people (not a lot). Of the 800 left
I would hazard that fewer than half were actually dropped. That's a big
guess, but I believe it might be realistic.

On the same note, I've been through about 30 burns, far more than my
allotted share of the discs, that I've been giving to anyone who sends
the P.O. Box $5. At five dollars I'm losing money.

The intention was always to drop only SOME anyway. It makes no sense to
ditch them all - you would WANT to give some out to pals, interested
parties, and people who would play it on the radio.

You must remember that Droplift grew out of a notion the list had about
putting together a TAPE comp of everyone's work so we could hear each
other's stuff! I like the fact that it has some "political" connotations
people are discussing, but at heart it is an overgrown tape comp.

Not to slag it, because I do like it. But let's keep some perspective.

>But most people probably just made one for their own
>collection. How many people who were not artists ON the disc
>or their friends would actually droplift copies? Just for
>the thrill?

It IS rather fun!

>I would like to belive it, but let's don't kid

Well, let's be serious about that, too. Since we don't know, we don't
know that one guy didn't burn 100 copies and droplift them in Arkansas.
The point is, we don't know. Just like my big guess in the above
paragraph about what people did with their copies.

The thing about the Project was that the artists involved were obscure
and not distributed in any meaningful sense. A major aspect of
Droplifting is that putting copies in random record stores is actually
BETTER than most people's previous efforts - and that THAT'S how hard it
is to get your record heard. You have to give away the copies.

Obviously there's a lot about how we basically STOLE shelf-space, one of
the highest commodities the chain-record store has to offer, and that
this act is far too random to be anything other than symbolic, but there
you go.

>( Oh, and i notice that there's still no photos on the
> photo page. not ONE photo of someone leaving
>the disc at a record store! )

I've got a good video clip of me actually walking in from the street into
a Tower Records, pulling a copy out of my girlfriend's purse, and
dropping it. It's a bit unwieldy, though, and I don't have space for it.
 If anyone volunteers, I can upload it somewhere.

I guess my response to you, Steev, is that your "cynicism," which you
hope to be crushed so easily, need not be tested. If Jay is saying
Droplift was somehow a vox populi kind of movement wherein we will smash
the corporate controllers of culture, then he is naive, and I join you in
that cynicism. I don't think I hear him saying that, though.

If you're trying to utterly discount Droplift as a useless wank, I'll
have to defend the creation I had a major hand in bringing in to being.
It's not the ANSWER to anything, and it may have only registered on the
radar of those who were willing to receive it. But that's a damn sight
more than any of us were doing a year ago, and a good step to take.

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