Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 09:37:25 PST

Thanx everyone for your thoughtful responses to my cynical
rant. I especially appreciate Hammer Presley's comments
about artistic intention and small stunts, stopchildren's
clarifications, and Jaime's numbers.

let's talk more about stats, because I am really interested.
It's helpful to hear the details, that Jaime's server
handled the actual soundfiles, someone else's had everything
else. Stopchildren mentioned 35,000 hits to the front page.
is that total? is that page views? I think unique hosts
would be instructive as well.

As for the downloads, Jaime cited about 1 Gig a day. that's
not bad. I'd be interested to know if it looks like people
are evenly downloading, that is, getting the whole disc, or
just picking and choosing some tracks. Also i note you have
wav, aiff, real, and mp3 to choose from. what's the
proportion there? if it's mostly real, you're getting very
few burns (because you can't do anything with the real files
- but i don't think it's mostly real). if it's wavs or
aiffs, that changes the math, but let's be generous and say
it was mostly mp3. the whole CD is probably about 50 Mb,
divide that into a 1000Mb and you get 20. 20 complete
downloads of the CD per day. And you said that was going on
since Oct 28. So we're talking about the eqivalent of 1000
more copies of the disc. That's good! Even
without my generous math, if it were 500 complete CDs,
that's good. Congrats.

(side note: if we take Stopchildren's 35K number as unique
hosts, assume that is for all time, half that to approximate
since oct 28 (? when did the site go up?) then we have
about an 18/1 ratio of visits to the front page versus
complete downloads. in other words, statistically 1 out of
every 18 visitors to the front page downloaded the CD. hmm.
seems high. does that make sense?)

We still don't know how many were burned or dropped, but I
too am inspired and hearted by that email you included,
Jaime. That's pretty cool that some high school teacher is
telling his students about this. <cynicism>I wonder if he's
been fired yet?</cynicism>

Perhaps some of these emails should go on the site? A
testimonials section?

Anyway, thanx for preventing my heart from growing another
size to small.


Steev Hise, Technical Thug
"An American monoculture woudld inflict a sad future on the world,
 one in which the planet is converted to a global supermarket where
 people have to choose between the local Ayatollah and Coca-Cola."
                -Regis Debray

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