Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 17:58:16 PST

> i mean, even if you really did it,

I did. Really.

> How many people who were not artists ON the disc or their friends would
actually > droplift copies?

At least one. Me.
> But maybe I'm wrong. Anyone on this list who was NOT on the
> Droplift CD and who left a copy in a store, please speak up.

No 'maybe' about it, yer' wrong. I'm not an artist on the CD but I dropped
copies in 3 different stores, as well as leaving one in an open convertible
car that was in the parking spot next to mine.

> ( Oh, and i notice that there's still no photos on the
> photo page. not ONE photo of someone leaving
> the disc at a record store! )

Oh then that MUST mean none actually occurred, right?

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