Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project

From: Erick Gallun (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 18:37:32 PST

Umm, okay, Lloyd rocks and he got me to respond. YES YES YES this is dada
this is dada! I argued vociferously as we constructed this project that it
is at its best as an act of surrealist theatre.

>Amazing. Are you saying you actually think a significant
>number of stores would just give the CD away when someone
>tried to buy it? What possible support do you have for this
>idea? Don't you realize stores are in the business of
>selling things?

Ah, steve, you clearly haven't read the news stories. In fact, many of the
folks who actually tried to buy the damn thing were given it FOR
FREE. Why? Because the lack of a bar code confused the hell out of the
poor salesfolks. It wasn't in the database. It must be a promo or
something. So they gave it away. Just amazing really. And yes, several
journalists took the copy they were given for free, walked across the
street and droplifted it somewhere else! Haha!!

Oh, and yes, I too have video of me walking into Tower and Borders, pulling
copies of the cd out of my voluminous jeans pockets and putting it in the
Top 20 space or on the listening rack. No particularly captivating stills
were produced, so I didn't bother doing anything with it, but I could make
a collage or something if folks really think it is important.

So, okay, what the hell is it and what does it matter?

First off it is a media prank. Just damn fun and theatre and art and let's
make life a little more confusing and look they actually wrote articles
about it!

Second it is a talking point. Did the media get it? Adbusters certainly
did and our hits on the website went up a lot after that article even
though it was months after the actual drop. That seems worthwhile to
me. I'd like to get those anti-corporate folks turned on to the idea of
taking back musical culture. They are already thinking about the problems
of media domination of the mental environment - this is an obvious
step. Other media gets it as well. There was a cool comic strip about it
that got the point beautifully.

But it is also a talking point for my friends, family, associates, etc. I
get to tell them about the prank and then explain to them the issues tied
up in it.

And, as Chris Ball said so well:
>In my humble opinion Droplift explained itself to the point of apology
> and I don't see any need to apologize.

Hear hear!


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