Re: [rumori] The Next Droplift Project

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 02:04:29 PST

>>Gotcha. Then we ARE in accord.
>Is this what you are suggesting, Rabbit? Let it stand on its
>own as a "free CD" which will be Droplifted, but we won't call
>it that, eh? We'll make up a new word for it and dust the "droplift"
>word under the carpet? No, even better...maybe we shouldn't put
>it in stores for free, decrease distribution, and never droplift any
>CD ever again except for the original Droplift Project? Would you
>prefer that?

EEEEK! (sound of plane crashing) EXPLOSION! WHAM!

What did I do to deserve this? I'm not suggesting anything. I've done
my level best to stay out of this argument except to stick up for my hand
in things. Do whatever you want. I always thought of Droplift as a
single prank, a one-time stunt that happens and that is it. Which is the
reason that *I* am not doing a Droplift 2.

You can do whatever you want. And I'm even supporting you. I gave you
my $50 already!
>Steev suggested that if it's good enough on its own, a label
>will sign it...but I think this thing is becoming so infringing on
>copyrights, I think most labels would run screaming from it.

I agree. I also do not agree with Steev's kinda non-DIY attitude that
someone bigger will print and distribute the thing if it's any good.
This attitude is, in part, what has kept a lot of people's music from
being heard. Maybe it shouldn't be heard, goes the argument, but I'm not
qualified to make decisions like that, and I DO want to be heard, whether
or not I SHOULD be.

>Also, seeing what happened with Negativland and SST, not
>to mention what Island did to them...labels leave a bitter taste
>in my mouth.

Then WE are in accord!
>Right, given away for free...we're droplifting it...we're giving
>it away...that's its association with droplift. Rabbit should have
>known that, anyone who read the FSFS webpage should
>realize that.

I do realize that. I've never said to the contrary. I was agreeing with
Steev that the next CD project organized on this list should not try to
"ride the coattails" of the Droplift Project - which is exactly what YOU
are saying! Read the mail again.

Jeez-O-Pete, people, let's try not to snap each others' heads off about
every little thing. Call it whatever you want to call it. Call it just
"The Droplift Project," use the same cover art and song titles but just
change all the music for all I care! It's YOUR project!

>If you don't want it droplifted into stores as a means of distribution,
>and the labels DO run screaming from it...this project will be firehosed
>out of existence.

If contributors don't want to leave it in stores then they don't have to!
 Full speed ahead! Like I used to say about the first one - this project
is going to happen with or without the help of certain people. Jay is
the boss. You don't like it, start your own damn comp, and I'll probably
give you $50 and a track, too. Can't hurt to have a million of 'em
going, except that I don't have $50 million.

>Did you really think so, Rabbit? At least part of his reply suggests that
>associating this project with the term "droplift" is a good thing. Above,
>been established that you and Steev are "in accord" that it is NOT a good

Oh brother. Please stop this. It's getting annoying.

Yes, Lloyd's response is awe-inspiring. He knows what he's talking
about, in my opinion, and it's nice to know what he gets from the whole
thing. Just because I agree with Steev that a second project shouldn't
"ride the coattails" of a first project doesn't mean that everything
Steev said is something I said.

>I am unclear as to what you have a problem with.

Fine. Then don't invent what I have a problem with and charge me with it
in a public forum. I've always been on your side about this. Agreeing
with your foe on a point or two doesn't make me your foe too.

>does the
>fact that this is being droplifted bother you?

None of it bothers me. I am planning on droplifting the CD whether or
not you endorse the practice.

Urghhh. Let's go back to arguing about what to call it, PLEASE.

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