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From: Every Man (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 12:07:48 PST

> >Is this what you are suggesting, Rabbit? Let it stand on its
> >own as a "free CD" which will be Droplifted, but we won't call
> >it that, eh? We'll make up a new word for it and dust the "droplift"
> >word under the carpet? No, even better...maybe we shouldn't put
> >it in stores for free, decrease distribution, and never droplift any
> >CD ever again except for the original Droplift Project? Would you
> >prefer that?
>I've done
>my level best to stay out of this argument except to stick up for my hand
>in things. Do whatever you want. I always thought of Droplift as a
>single prank, a one-time stunt that happens and that is it. Which is the
>reason that *I* am not doing a Droplift 2.

If one sees Droplift as nothing more than a ONLY a prank
and nothing more, than I 100% agree with your comments. However
the Droplift website, the FAQ, and the inner sleeve of the droplift CD
say it means so much more. I agree it was partly a prank, but not
totally. I like it because it got you and I heard by more people! I choose
this method of distribution to help the ARTISTS, to get us HEARD,
because I truly believe in this art form and want it to be heard by the
most amount of people we can get it to.

This is why I've been emphasizing the content, and not the concept.
However, to NOT droplift this I think would be a major error. I felt that this
project, combined with the droplift form of distribution, was helping US.
Yes, you have contributed to the project and have a track on there,
and you will be better heard by the small "masses" (obviously in quotes)
because it is being given away among them in their own shopping hot
spots, where we couldn't otherwise get to them. I think that is important.

In your opinion, do you think we shouldn't do that? I know I can do
whatever I want, but do you feel deep inside we shouldn't distribute it this
way? Nevermind, I read below, and you already stated you would droplift
this disc whether or not I endorsed it.

>You can do whatever you want. And I'm even supporting you. I gave you
>my $50 already!

And I appreciate it! I'm still waiting for Steev's. ;) (yes, Steev, I just
saw your email explaining the whole "curator" scenario.)

>qualified to make decisions like that, and I DO want to be heard, whether
>or not I SHOULD be.

Which is why I want to droplift it, instead of the suggested alternatives.

> >Also, seeing what happened with Negativland and SST, not
> >to mention what Island did to them...labels leave a bitter taste
> >in my mouth.
>Then WE are in accord!

It just doesn't seem realistic to try and find a label. I mean, first of
all they'd have to agree to pay royalties to ALL the people we've sampled
from...IF those folks even allow us to use them. Like Don Joyce said
at the end of his razor tape edit at the end of the Fair Use CD, if he
were to release that razor edit legally, he'd be a dead man before it was
approved of and the royalties were paid.

Now, that wouldn't be the case of Time Warner signed us...but....

(just read an email from Steev where he clarified the above contentions
of going to a label. He meant, the good guy labels, Seeland, Illegal Art,

Seeland's distributor, however, will ask for more money, like at least
another thousand to pay for distribution costs. That means everyone
needs to donate more money, at least for them to sign it.

>I do realize that. I've never said to the contrary. I was agreeing with
>Steev that the next CD project organized on this list should not try to
>"ride the coattails" of the Droplift Project - which is exactly what YOU
>are saying! Read the mail again.

I guess I need "ride the coattails" defined for me. In my promo email
getting artists, I bring up droplift a lot more because there is familiarity
with the project and the concept behind its method of distribution. I've
mentioned this already in my last email to you.

>Jeez-O-Pete, people, let's try not to snap each others' heads off about
>every little thing. Call it whatever you want to call it. Call it just
>"The Droplift Project," use the same cover art and song titles but just
>change all the music for all I care! It's YOUR project!

Um...right. Grand idea.

> >If you don't want it droplifted into stores as a means of distribution,
> >and the labels DO run screaming from it...this project will be firehosed
> >out of existence.
>If contributors don't want to leave it in stores then they don't have to!

True...someone could say send me ten, and I could do that, and they
could just keep them and NEVER distribute them. Monkeys could fly
out of my butt, too, but it's not likely. If as many of these CD's get
as the first project, I'd be more than happy, regardless of who kept what.

But you know know as well as I do that a lot of them have, and eventually
most of them will. If someone signs up as a droplifter to get CD's, and gets
them and doesn't droplift ANY of them, then there's a loss to the cause.
I betcha most of them DID droplift at least some of their CD's however,
and if they didn't, they plan on doing it sort of space-out
the time scale of the drop.

> Full speed ahead! Like I used to say about the first one - this project
>is going to happen with or without the help of certain people. Jay is
>the boss. You don't like it, start your own damn comp, and I'll probably
>give you $50 and a track, too. Can't hurt to have a million of 'em
>going, except that I don't have $50 million.

I don't doubt your supporting my project, but I doubt most people will
decide to hang on to their CD's. Ive hung on to a few of mine, but have
droplifted some...and actually did some CDR's and dropped those too.
With the others, I plan to droplift them at a later date, but they will get
out there.

>Oh brother. Please stop this. It's getting annoying.

That's what I was saying three days ago, but bit my tongue.
But when you say things like that outloud to me, what makes
you think I'm GOING to stop? ;) <--- emoticon for sarcasm

> Just because I agree with Steev that a second project shouldn't
>"ride the coattails" of a first project doesn't mean that everything
>Steev said is something I said.

So you think it's okay to droplift the CD, but the project shouldn't
ride the coattails of the DL project? I guess I just need a better
explanation of what riding the coattails means.

>None of it bothers me. I am planning on droplifting the CD whether or
>not you endorse the practice.

I don't think your endorsement was 100% obvious until now, though I
might be wrong. Am I the only one here who felt you had a problem with
this project, or was I just being too sensitive as I usually am?

Rabbit, I sincerely apologize for targetting you out of the handful of others
who have mentioned the similar critiques. I've been on the receiving end
of what felt like a great deal firehosing for doing what I felt was supporting
my fellow artists. Your email broke the camel's back, and I'm sorry that's
when my volcano decided to blow. I'm honored that you have contributed
to this project and that you support it, and it's obvious most of the snuggles
list and this list agree with it as well. But I have a hell of a time believing
you when you say "none of it bothers me." If none of it did, we wouldn't
be having this discussion, unless you and I have totally different opinions
of what bother means, like we seem to differ on what "coattails" are.
Nevertheless, all i was asking for is clarity. I'm as tired of this word game
as you are tired of this argument. Clearly you have a disagreement in
my approach, and I wanted to know what that was. I was sensing an
element of ambiguity in here, not with you specifically. There have been
so many opinions going around, it's crazy.

Is it my usage of the word droplift in association with the CD? Is it
the scheme of ultimately droplifting them? Was it my email trying to get
artists? (which at your suggestion I went back and re-read.) Since you
ran the last project, your opinion matters significantly to me.

Again, I have no idea what you guys are talking about when you say
it's riding another project's coattails. I have no idea how its doing that.

>Urghhh. Let's go back to arguing about what to call it, PLEASE.

I don't recall ever arguing about what to call it in this forum.

Every Man
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