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From: Chris Ball (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 13:33:56 PST

> Seeland
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> Illegal Art
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> Alternative Tentacles

Perhaps we could copyleft it saying that any label that wants to issue it on
their own may do so! Then we could benefit from legit distribution ($$$) AND
our leftovers will skyrocket in value to collectors. Anyway, droplifting is a
good hook purely for the effect it has on the collaborators and product. I
like to think that we were merrily making tracks with the specific thought
that total strangers with new ears, listening by accident, would be the
primary target. (In my case, it was the only production deadline I've had in
ten years. Hell, it was practically the only distribution I've had in
thirty! It's certainly the only piece I've ever had distributed by droplift.)

We need not limit the method to the products made for it.
Let's droplift John Zorn into Canada! Ich bein ein canader! Tear down this

> 1. the comp is going to suffer from the fact that ANYONE can
> be on it as long as they pay 50 bucks.

Yes, it will suffer as, I'm submitting a track. Which will probably be
thrown together from whatever's left after I've racked my brain to make a
"well-thought out track" especially in light of the "stand on its own merits"
challenge. When I started a student film festival in college I had first
come first served, too. I was thinking uptopian egalitarianism, and "who am I
to judge." Lots of extremely well-planned and well-financed student films
suck the rat's ass, and lots of films that are thrown together for festivals
by first-timers rock.
Of course, the truth of it is that I made my selections beforehand by
approaching, nay, begging my brilliant friends to make movies.
Diidn't Everyman say "We can't do it without you guys?"

It's not like he's auctioning track time on Ebay. Hmm, That might be a
project right there. Auctiondisc! PlunderPocket!

So, yes, filtering is happening. It sounds like trust is important to you in
your record purchases, and that's great. It's important to me, too. But I'm
not sure how a trustworthy, big-name curator is going to affect the attempted
purchase of a droplifted CD by persons unknown.

> 2. the comp and its concept shouldnt be muddled up with the
> Droplift concept.

As I sort of say above, the distribution method is part of the resulting
object. At least, it can be. Negativeland's U2 for example. Even Island's
lawsuit can be considered part of the work, if you want to go nuts.

"We will not be satisfied until the sovereign nation of Droplift is recgonized
by the UN of Rumori!"
    -Droplifter's Anthem (which is to be appreciated soley on its merits as
music, and not to be thought of patriotically with a salute to our comrades
who fell in the droplift wars).

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