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From: nakedrabbit (nakedrabbitATloop.com)
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 00:59:43 PST

Some responses in one mail, so I don't personally clutter up the list!
In response to Steev Hise:

>you ARE qualified, at least to some extent. Everyone has an
>opinion and most have a sense of taste and quality and some
>even have an aesthetic vision.

Yes. My point, related much more clearly and positively.

>So, yup, we all agree. yay.


In response to Jay Kennedy:

>What if March 1st comes
>around and I decide that half of the comp is crap? Would everyone
>be pissed if I bumped the deadline a month or two later in lieu
>of that fact?


I'd like to think that each project generated on these lists does one up
on the last. I see Droplift as #3 in a series, starting with "The Act of
Snuggling" and "Red Hand Dave!" So change the rules and see how far we

And more Jay Kennedy:

>So you think it's okay to droplift the CD, but the project shouldn't
>ride the coattails of the DL project? I guess I just need a better
>explanation of what riding the coattails means.

To me, this would idicate a project that cannot stand on its own merit.
Like being called "Droplift 2," which you aren't doing, so its moot, and
we've really all agreed all along.

>I don't think your endorsement was 100% obvious until now, though I
>might be wrong. Am I the only one here who felt you had a problem with
>this project, or was I just being too sensitive as I usually am?

Odd. It may because I made an effort not to show any endorsement in any
way, for fear I might put a spin on what happened next.
>But I have a hell of a time
>you when you say "none of it bothers me."

Checking... did I say that? I need the reference...

Here it is...

>>does the
>>fact that this is being droplifted bother you?

>None of it bothers me. I am planning on droplifting the CD whether or not
>you endorse the practice.

Yeah, none of it bothers me. Which is to say that I haven't had a single
problem with any of this project because it's not my project! I'm
serious when I say you should call it whatever the hell you want, and I
guess Steev and I are agreeing that YOU should take this curatorial role,
as it is YOUR project!

Although, I must be careful not to put words in Steev's mouth. I believe
Steev went as far as to suggest that SOMEONE needs to be that tastemaker,
and I'm assuming that someone is you for your project.

>If none of it did, we wouldn't
>be having this discussion, unless you and I have totally different opinions
>of what bother means, like we seem to differ on what "coattails" are.

No, but my comment was directed at what bothered me. I am bothered by
being miscast as a detractor from the project merely because I have
finally opened my mouth on a few key issues for discussion.

>Clearly you have a disagreement in
>my approach, and I wanted to know what that was.

None whatsoever. I had started this argument by trying to counter
Steev's objections to the Droplift Project. I had mentioned your name to
suggest that your attitude, insofar as I could read it, was that you were
not naive enough to think that Droplifting could change teh world, but
that it was pretty effective in a certain way. I was expressing that if
you were to designa project that too closely resembled the last one, or
became a "sequel," that this would probably be a mistake in my book.

But what do I know? That's what I'm getting at. I'm no guru.

> I was sensing an
>element of ambiguity in here, not with you specifically. There have been
>so many opinions going around, it's crazy.

Welcome to the process! (insert proper emoticon here)

>I don't recall ever arguing about what to call it in this forum.

You're right, my mistake, it was the other forum!

Is this boring everyone else, or are we interesting enough?

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