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From: Every Man (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 02:22:25 PST

Reading through my reply, I'm baffled:
No defamation of character or confrontation in this reply, I promise.
I guess that means it's going to be deleted before anyone reads on,
not that this hasn't been the case days ago when people see my name
show up. I apologize for my attitude gang, I've been feeling stressed
a lot and it's all come out this weekend on the wrong folks.

At 12:59 AM 12/18/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>To me, this would idicate a project that cannot stand on its own merit.
>Like being called "Droplift 2," which you aren't doing, so its moot, and
>we've really all agreed all along.

Funny how that happens :)

>Yeah, none of it bothers me. Which is to say that I haven't had a single
>problem with any of this project because it's not my project! I'm
>serious when I say you should call it whatever the hell you want, and I
>guess Steev and I are agreeing that YOU should take this curatorial role,
>as it is YOUR project!

Which is what I've been doing since the start of this thing when I decided
it would be cool to place special restrictions on the content.

>Although, I must be careful not to put words in Steev's mouth. I believe
>Steev went as far as to suggest that SOMEONE needs to be that tastemaker,
>and I'm assuming that someone is you for your project.

Well, so far it has. I mean, the whole point of this thing is that it has a
and that there are heavy restrictions to the content, ones which I wrote
out months
ago. It makes the contributions slow going, though, but they sound pretty great
so far. I've only had to discard one because it obviously used sources
other than

>No, but my comment was directed at what bothered me. I am bothered by
>being miscast as a detractor from the project merely because I have
>finally opened my mouth on a few key issues for discussion.

Miscommunication, I think. I just felt from the start of the thread that it
was clear this wasn't hanging on the droplift name, just the distribution
method. If that wasn't clear, by golly, it is now!

>None whatsoever. I had started this argument by trying to counter
>Steev's objections to the Droplift Project. I had mentioned your name to
>suggest that your attitude, insofar as I could read it, was that you were
>not naive enough to think that Droplifting could change teh world, but
>that it was pretty effective in a certain way. I was expressing that if
>you were to designa project that too closely resembled the last one, or
>became a "sequel," that this would probably be a mistake in my book.

Oh....well we ARE in a agreement.

>But what do I know? That's what I'm getting at. I'm no guru.

Neither am I. First time I took on a project like this, and I'm
already feeling overwhelmed.

> > I was sensing an
> >element of ambiguity in here, not with you specifically. There have been
> >so many opinions going around, it's crazy.
>Welcome to the process! (insert proper emoticon here)

I just learned that word's in the dictionary now! Geez, oh
man, welcome to the 21st century. I guess it's safe to say that now,
isn't it? We're close enough.

> >I don't recall ever arguing about what to call it in this forum.
>You're right, my mistake, it was the other forum!

Yeah, that OTHER place...but don't tell Gino I'm there, he'll send
the mafia after me.

>Is this boring everyone else, or are we interesting enough?

I feel as though I put this place to a total snore many-a-post ago.

I guess we could get Geraldo in here to inpsire some chair throwing
to make it REAL interesting.

I'm overwhelmed by the celebrity names (in my book) that I've seen
on this list so far that came out in this thread.

Now all I need is John Cage to come out of his grave and yell "SILENCE!"

Every Man
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