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From: Every Man (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 02:22:49 PST

At 12:17 AM 12/18/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>Compilations are notoriously tough to sell. They're often sold at lower
>retail prices (e.g. the ultra-budget Illegal Art series). Compilations and
>tribute CDs are everywhere. The original Droplift had a serious "angle",
>though with an entirely different end result. Would a distributor take CDs
>from you to try to sell if they know you'll be "droplifting" other copies
>into stores gratis? My guess is a hearty-chuckled "highly unlikely".

Thanks kindly for all the input here, Peter, this clarifies a great deal.

I know you hadn't followed the thread too closely, but in a very very short
summary....if we WEREN'T going to droplift the CD, going to a label was a
suggested alternative. If we did that, we wouldn't call to droplifting
arms. However, your points about compilation CD's making it to labels are
well taken.

If we were lucky enough to have a distributor, there'd be no point in
droplifting it for me. I'd be willing to pitch the idea to some suggested
labels here, though you do indeed make the chances sound a little grim
given that compilations ARE all over the place.

Of course...the comp. needs to be finished first, heh. And I keep reminding
the list of the comp's name, Free Speech For sort of lends
itself to the droplift concept.

Would 1000 copies be enough?

Food for thought, gang..if a label DID come down and agree to sign and
distribute the CD, what would you all think of that?

Would we have to give up all 1000 to the distributor, or could we keep some
to give to the press? I guess the distributor takes care of the media, yes?
Or maybe not?

Peter, if we're getting too far into Seeland business here, I understand.
Forgive my ignorance of all this stuff.

Every Man
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