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From: GASK (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 14:39:02 PST

Steev Hise:
>Plus, with software it was relatively easy. The gist of the
>OSS creed is that it's just *better business* to use/create
>open source code (by contrast, Stallman's position is a more
>*moral* one, that everyone has the *right* to software to
>which they have access to the source, irrespective of
>whether it's good financial strategy or not).
>But how do you say that with art?

You can't.

The OSS were able to present a business case which persuaded corporate
entities (not people, remember) that more profits could be made. There are
no similar arguments that apply to tiny-minority-interest art/music genres.
How could collage-music turn a profit?

Corporations that sell music are interested in dumbing people down, not
heightening their artistic awareness. That way, they can sell more copies
of their latest mega-million offering.

If record companies are going to be against us, then we must concentrate on
arguing that the rights we have as individuals must allow freedom of
comment/artistic expression -- in other words, we are in Stallman's
position. This is of course the "fair use" idea we're already familiar

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