Re: [rumori] i have more questions than answers

From: Anki Toner (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 09:24:04 PST

I must admit that my computer studies are some fifteen years old. Things
have changed a little since then in practical aspects, but not so much
(to my knowledge) on the theoretical level. I haven't read Singh's book
(nor any other book on that subject published after 1986) but I wouldn't
be as sure as you are about his conclusions. I have seen, over the
years, too many predictions that looked exactly like what the industry
was looking for. Most of them were wrong.

If they have the power, the money AND the tools, why aren't they already
using them? (Maybe they have the tools but not the power to use them:
after all, Microsoft is against it for some reason).

Besides, we are not talking of cracking a well-engineered cypher but of
putting a different cypher on each hard disk drive and making a system
that works (i.e. that does not affect significatively the drive
performance, among many other things) and that customers will not refuse
to buy.

I am still not worried.

Anki Toner

En/Na Lloyd Dunn ha escrit:
> anki toner writes:
> >My guess is that it will NEVER work, or that it will be hacked in a few
> >weeks.
> to which i say: one need only read simon singh's 'the code book' to begin
> to understand how robust cryptography is today, and how unlikely it is that
> any group of people, even if working together, could ever crack a
> well-engineered cypher. singh argues persuasively that, until some
> difficult-to-forecast breakthrough takes place (such as quantum computing)
> cryptographers will always have the upper hand over code breakers.
> but anyway, i am somewhat less worried about hard drive encryption since
> reading in the register that microsoft is against it. so it may be an
> uphill struggle to get crypto into hard drives.

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