Re: [rumori] i have more questions than answers

From: Anki Toner (
Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 10:42:35 PST

Chris Ball wrote:

> On the other hand,
> are we really quite sure
> that we want to be
> inside
> the law?
> Will it really make things better?

I must admit that I find it intellectually comfortable to be against the
law. Call me a hippy or a nihilist. I must also admit that I am against
the law in quite unimportant (I mean, not dangerous) matters. Call me a
bourgeois or a hobby-revolutionary.

> Because whatever we want, we're not going to get all of it.
> And when we get half, the penalty for going over the now
> legally-defined line
> (legally defined with HALF our input, so that we'll seem
> like traitors to ourselves when we cross it)
> might be more severe, immediate and absolute
> than the settlements we suffer now.

This is an interesting point. The law will never be like "we" (or me, or
you) want it to be. Not in America, not even in Europe (in some
countries it is closer to what I would like it to be than in others, bot
not close enough). I have illegal habits in music but also in other
parts of my private life (I will not mention them here. Some of this
habits are legal in other countries but not here in Spain. On the other
hand, some of my legal habits in Spain are probably illegal in the USA).

> Although I guess it's hard to beat "destroy all remaining
> copies"...

That's the great thing about the internet. It's impossible to destroy
all copies. "Remaining" doesn't mean much nowadays.

Anki Toner

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