Re: [rumori] Damn these questions, anyway.

From: Jim Carrico (
Date: Mon Jan 01 2001 - 21:34:47 PST

>I'm not going to say another word about mix tapes; somewhere along the
>line, either I'm leaving a key element in the logical chain that links them
>with sampling (as an ethical example) in my mind out of my arguments or the
>people who have responded to them so far just aren't reading what I'm
>saying, but whatever the case, I don't see any reason to flog an example
>that is leading nowhere in a discussion that has obviously moved on. I do,
>however, have two oddball questions in response to things that have been
>brought up over the weekend.

actually - i also think it's a continuum in which it there are greater and
lesser degrees of "creativity" involved - from assembling wholly new works
out of fragments of other recordings, to djs and mixologists, to mix tapes
(or cds) that friends pass around. I would also like to be able to reward
the people who have turned me on to music that I love - it's a very
valuable service that will never really be replaced by software-based
"referral services"...

>Secondly, that very same Jim wrote:
>>...Musicbrainz metadata initiative, which is developing a
>>comprehensive alternative to CDDB based on the Open
>>Content licence
>...and this is an entirely ignorance-grounded question on my part, but what
>exactly is lacking from the CDDB format that makes an alternative
>necessary? I can't say that I know anything about it (other than that it's
>fun to assemble CDs for people and then completely mis-label the contents
>for them), and would be interested in knowing a bit about its shortcomings
>if anybody has the time to share. (If this is too far off-topic, then
>please let me know off-list.)

because they (Escient) took all the information painstakingly assembled and
contributed by thousands of volunteers, and turned it into a proprietary
and for-profit database. a lot of folks were truly pissed about that...

>Oh, and Steev <you already know his damned address> also wrote (quoting
>Jim, Man of the Hour):
>>->the point of freenet and mojonation is encourage users
>>->to make the *system resources* available
>>what do you mean, system resources?

system resources = bandwidth and disc space, in other words providing
network infrastucture.

> what happens if you don't like the stuff that
>your computer ends up being used for, even if you would never be able to
>see what it was doing directly? Personal issues about firewalls and
>security start being brought up, and participants would have to ask
>themselves if they value the integrity and efficiency of their computers
>and connections to the outside world as much as they do, say, the music
>that they make, etc., etc. Bloody complexity.)

for some background, see Freenet founder Ian Clarke's "manifesto",

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