Re: [rumori] Damn these questions, anyway.

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Jan 02 2001 - 09:36:55 PST

Mon, 1 Jan 2001 found Jim Carrico writing:

>>...what >exactly is lacking from the CDDB format that
>because they (Escient) took all the information painstakingly assembled and
>contributed by thousands of volunteers, and turned it into a proprietary
>and for-profit database. a lot of folks were truly pissed about that...

yeah I for one thought that was completely wack. there's a
useful thing for some hackers to do, break in and steal the
entire CDDB, for the public good.

>>>->the point of freenet and mojonation is encourage users
>>>->to make the *system resources* available
>system resources = bandwidth and disc space, in other words providing
>network infrastucture.

yeah but freenet's about more than that, to phrase it like
that is really missing the motivation, which is to provide a
way to put data on the Net that is *nearly impossible* to
remove, as a way of protecting freedom of speech.

Freenet, btw, was first mentioned on this list in March,

also, i recently saw a really interesting study by Jon
Orwant of O'Reilly on what the contents of Freenet seem to
be so far. here's the page:

good quote:

"if we were to indulge ourselves and
construct a demographic of the average
Freenet user from Freenet content, he'd be a
crypto-anarchist Perl hacker with a
taste for the classics of literature, political screeds,
1980s pop music, Adobe software, and
lots of porn."

Also here is a very recent piece by Ian Clarke, creator of
Freenet, responding to some criticisms of the software.

on the other hand, i have no idea what mojonation is.
somethign to do with Austin Powers? I hope not. :)


Steev Hise, WebSlinger
"The traditional notion of the 'neutrality' of technology can no
 longer be maintained."
                 -Herbert Marcuse, One-Dimensional Man

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