Re: [rumori] napster

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 21:27:45 PST

i've been using Gnutella a lot lately, with a new client
called Limewire that works really well. it optionally
divides the network up by types of media and by "community".
so if you don't want to see the porn mpegs when you're
looking for music files it's pretty easy to avoid that.
besides, unless you happen to be searching for songs named
"Pamela Anderson" or whatever you shouldnt have a problem...

the problem with Gnutella is that a lot of stuff you find is stale, i.e.
you try to download something and that person is no longer connected or
the file isnt there or whatever. i guess it's the same with napster but
maybe not quite as bad...

the above mention on searching brings up another problem i
have in general with all this peer-to-peer stuff - it's so
far all been based on filenames. i hate that. filename
searching presumes that everyone is naming their files
intelligently. what about all those files named
"Track01.mp3"? i wish there was some way for there to be a
richer index of content. i want to search by genre or by
tempo or harmonic content or whether there's a guitar in
the song. i want to search video clips by
plot and whether they have george bush in them. i want
multimedia relational database annotation! now!


Steev Hise
"Getting programmers to write documentation is almost as hard
 as getting them to wear ties"
                 -Larry Wall,, 'Programming Perl'

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