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Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 17:50:26 PST

from the Napster/Bertelsmann Q&A

Will there be a fee to use Napster?
Yes and no. For the moment the Napster experience will remain exactly the
same while we figure out the best way to structure an enhanced membership
service and try to gain acceptance from other major recording and publishing
companies. In the coming weeks, we will be asking you for your input to help
us define exactly what this evolved service will be. Once we have come up
with what we feel is the best solution -- based in part on your feedback --
we will announce our plans on our website and through the Napster software.
We are confident that we can devise a system that will make everyone
happy -- Napster users, artists and songwriters, as well as record and
publishing companies. Our commitment to you is that once we have the system
set, we will always make sure that the community knows exactly where the
money is going.

Will Napster continue to offer a free service?
Yes! We are committed to creating a system in which users can choose to
participate without paying any money. We realize that Napster is nothing
without its user community -- you make us what we are. However, for a small
membership fee we feel that we can facilitate an enhanced service that
you'll find even more valuable and that will allow us to generate revenues
to be able to make payments to artists and songwriters for music files that
our users share with each other. We are working with Bertelsmann and other
potential allies in an effort to work out the details of how all this will
work and we will, of course, keep you fully informed as details become


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