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Date: Tue Jan 30 2001 - 21:49:34 PST

At 12:39 AM 1/31/01 +0800, you wrote:
>I was wondering just how many people on this list use napster? ...
>Was curious about where everyone is going to go once people start having
>to pay in June to download? It seems highly unlikely that anyone is going
>to be sharing anything interesting from that point onward, but well, we've
>all got the bug now, haven't we? I don't know the way stuff like
>audiognome works - does it rely on something like napster (a midway server
>hosting text files)? There seems to be a strong community on napster with
>some strong views on freedom of file sharing and it really worries me that
>this may fragment. I don't want to have to end up sifting thru tons of
>shared porn files on gnutella either. Any thoughts on what may happen, is
>this community going to fragment or will napster 2 come along? Is it
>already here?
>Sorry if this is a boring thing to talk about but I've become almost
>reliant on napster to make music now, ha ha...

     No kidding; I'm getting there myself. It really is almost the
plagiarhythmic musician's dream tool, as long as you're cozy with using the
CPU. I just launched a new live band with a friend called Superdupertron,
using almost entirely karaoke tracks courtesy of Napster... and anyone
that's aware of my fondness for Napster Nuggets (home recordings) knows
what my search terms are... MIC IN TRACK, MIC IN TRACK, MIC IN TRACK...
     As for the future, I'll probably migrate to some other program, be it
Gnutella (or variants; I'm using Bearshare right now) or Napster on an
alternate network. About Audiognome; Audiognome is a replacement for
Napster, which not only does everything Napster does but also allows you to
choose an alternate network (or multiples) to search/trade on. This is
important, because when Napster starts charging, it's mainly charging to
allow people to use their network to hold the directories of what's out
there to trade. If you use a non-Napster network to do this on, their
attempts to charge are a non-issue for you. Napigator is a front-end for
Napster's program which allows you to do this already; Audiognome does what
Napigator does as well. What this means is that Napster, and Napster
clones, may well continue using alternate non-Napster networks. But if you
have 90 different ones to choose from, the user base will be diluted and
more spread out.

>From: "Zechariah Harvey" <>
> Personally, I'll probably either go back to FTP searching or some
> other peer-to-peer network. Wired a few months ago had an entire
> two-page graphic devoted to all the networks out there. Most
> notably, Nutella is in use and growing with the threat of Napster
> going pay-per-play.

     I've used Gnutella and a few clones, and something I've seen lately
(and that others have reported) is that it doesn't seem like the Gnutella
protocol is able to work with the large numbers of people using it... so it
may not be a perfect replacement. Still, it's not bad. Also nice is a
web-based interface at
     But the still-sucky thing: I can't search for MIC IN TRACK recordings
on Gnutella. It does a substring search, instead of searching for the
complete words... bummer.

>I wonder if the people still using it
>will just become puppets of the popular media? No more Boingo
>bootlegs, no more Devo concerts, just pure pop-culture smut. It makes
>you wonder if they would ever incorporate it into more mainstream
>music standings.

     My view is that it'll keep with the 95/5 rule... that is, 95% of the
users will post crap, but 5% will have cool obscure tracks. As long as that
5% is suitably large, the obscure stuff selections are good. I think last
night I saw there were like 10,000 users on Napster at that time... 5% of
that is 500 freaks, which is a good pond of weirdness to fish in. But if it
splinters apart, to where you're on networks with only 1,000 or less users,
that lowers the freak quotient quite a bit...

>From: "matt davignon" <>:
>I stopped using Napster when I tried to change my "handle" to something
>other than my first and last name. The system kept crashing my browser
>before I could finish registering another name, so I gave up on it.

     I recommend an alternate Napster agent, such as ...

>My theory is that use of Napster will become so sparse after they become a
>pay service, that they'll wind up going out of business. I don't imagine
>anybody agreeing with the idea of paying for something that was created as
>a free service, even if the monthly cost is less than the cost of a few CD's.

     I tend to agree, but who knows? Maybe information doesn't really want
to free all that much.

- Mark

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