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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 12:02:53 PST

Wed, 31 Jan 2001 found The Evolution Control Committee writing:

> I've used Gnutella and a few clones, and something I've seen lately
>(and that others have reported) is that it doesn't seem like the Gnutella
>protocol is able to work with the large numbers of people using it... so it

how so? what do you mean by "able to work"?

the thing about Gnutella is that your mileage totally
depends on where you start in the network. you always have
to give it at least one ip address to connect to first, and
depending on what hosts that host knows about, you start
"learning" who else is on - or WAS on. but there is always
a "horizon", a limit to how many hosts you can be talking to
or know about at any one time.

LimeWire has some graphs on their site of how much gnutella
is being used:

the total hosts has been around 4000 lately, but
interestingly, and not suprisingly, the number of hosts
accepting incoming connections is only about half that.
again that discouraging statistic - many dont give, they
just take.....

>may not be a perfect replacement. Still, it's not bad. Also nice is a

> But the still-sucky thing: I can't search for MIC IN TRACK recordings
>on Gnutella. It does a substring search, instead of searching for the
>complete words... bummer.

i think this is totally client dependant. limewire
does a pretty good job of dealing intelligently with
pattern matching.

>web-based interface at

there is this interesting sub-movement on gnutella about
'network health' - encouraging people to share their files,
not just take, and to NOT use web-based interfaces, because
of course there's no way to GIVE with a web-based interface,
you just take. Limewire and Bearshare by default dont allow
downloads from clients who are not sharing something. I
think that's cool.



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