Re: [rumori] Rebel Code -- book review

From: Aaron Forrest (
Date: Wed Jan 31 2001 - 10:07:22 PST

Mark Renner wrote:
> Aaron Forrest wrote:
> > --
> > "These forms like flamingos and hogs will not produce significant or
> > lasting art, because the shapes of the animals are wrong. Flamingos do
> > not have a large surface. A flamingo does not lend itself to art. Cows
> > are benign. They immediately attract art. You speak to artists,
> > serious artists, and they only want to paint cows."
> What's this quote from?

from the NY Times, actually. an article on the cow parades hitting
american cities everywhere. And the competing flamingo and pig
parades. the man quoted was a parade manager trying to assert the
superiority of cows.
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