Re: [rumori] pho: 'This Is The End, My Only Friend, The End'

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 07:45:32 PST

Amazing. This guy sounds like a total fanatic puritan wacko.
An elitist culture snob worthy of the early part of last
century. And he's not even as coherent as Adorno.

basically his thesis seems to be that today's Culture is
aesthetically and morally bankrupt and that's why copyright
is threatened. what a bizarre idea. couldn't be more wrong.

I contend that even if the masses all loved and listened to
Mozart, Mahler, and the modern equivalents, we'd still have
people sharing (read "stealing") the recordings. (It would
just take longer to download, since symphonies are longer
than most songs. heh. )

here's a most telling excerpt:

"There should at least be some discussion of whether it is
socially desirable that the copyright claims of a folk
musician are at the same level as those of a
Nobel-prizewinning author"


"A crisis of culture, possibly the most dangerous of all the
>crises mentioned here, because it is also a crisis of
youth. This >refuses the intellectual effort, the debate on
the laws and norms of >the future. It celebrates a
brainless, decadent, life-long ecstasy >party, a sweaty,
senseless trance."

what a putz. and this guy works for "a leading German
management and technology consultancy"? and he wrote an 80
page "White Paper" of this? i feel sorry for the


Steev Hise, WebSlinger
"There were points during the concert when my ears were clipping."
            -Tom Erbe

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