Re: [rumori] Programmers vs. Musicians

From: matt davignon (
Date: Thu Feb 01 2001 - 09:00:09 PST

I got together with a friend about a year ago, and the two of us split the
cost of getting the 2 pieces of software that we use the most. I do use a
few other products from the same manufacturer, but I dropped $300 on that
order, and I think that's a good amount for the level at which I use their
software. I do have some cracked software on my computer from other
developers, but most of it is stuff I never use, like drum machine programs
and stuff.

Another friend of mine has been using cracked music software for years,
using the argument that he is not a "professional" (in the regard that he
doesn't make any money from his music) and thus should not have to pay the
$3000+ that a major studio would've paid to legally own what he has.

I must admit that it's often hard to pay such a large amount of money for
something that's arguably just a set of instructions. If I find that I use a
particular software enough, I'll usually pay for it eventually.


>From: Every Man <>

>Then someone said, "For myself, I've been using computers since 1982 and
>I've NEVER paid for software in my entire life, and I never plan on it in
>the future"

>I thought, my goodness, how interesting...many of the programmers sounded
>like many musicians in the music industry. Some reminded me of Lars Ulrich,
>others reminded me of the Offspring guys.
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