Re: [rumori] more on those 2 NYT stories yesterday

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 08:04:22 PST

>Probably true, though that depends on your definition of
>"prosper" (if Theberge means few will make a good living
>from their art, yes, but that's always been true. perhaps it
>isn't about making money?) But elsewhere Scherman moans
>that the creative musical process is "...a transformation
>that requires the hand of a craftsman who is disappearing
>from our midst."

Well, the most off-the-mark this writer gets is to suggest that the
traditional values of "craftsmanship" have been the guiding force in ANY
art. People have been bemoaning the loss of craftsmanship in the visual
arts ever since painters gave up the program of Renaissance perspective.
>Ugh. I'll take the coder becoming the pop star (to
>paraphrase part of an Etoy slogan) over the elitism of the
>old guard any day.

In any event, vox populi wins the day. It's not for us to decide who
will become popular.

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