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Date: Mon Feb 12 2001 - 08:37:35 PST

Sorry if this has already been mentioned on these lists, haven't had the
ability to keep up lately.

Wish I lived closer to Boston so i could attend. ;-(



Thursday, Feb. 15, 2001
5-7 p.m.
Bartos Theater
MIT Media Lab
Ames Street

Eric Scheirer, Forrester Research
Nisreen Shocair, Bertelsmann Content Group
Respondent: Ingrid Volkmer, Visiting scholar in Comparative Media Studies,
Moderator: William Uricchio, Professor of Comparative Media, MIT

Napster's tremendous grassroots popularity has generated intense
debate about intellectual property rights in the digital age
and has offered dramatic evidence for the public interest in
on-line distribution of music and other media materials.
Bertelsmann Content Group recently announced a collaboration
with Napster to protect the interests of the recording industry
while maintaining an infrastructure for grassroots file-sharing.
This forum will offer a close look at the implications of
those arrangements. How will this partnership affect the future
of MP3 and file sharing?  How will these new arrangements affect
the recording industry? Will they preserve what has been vital
about the grassroots Napster culture?  What does Napster's example
suggest about the broader issues of creativity and intellectual
property in the digital era?

Eric Scheirer is an analyst in the Media and Entertainment
group of Forrester Research. He specializes in business-to-consumer
delivery of entertainment content such as music, movies, and sports.
He received his doctorate from the MIT Media Laboratory for his
research on automated music-listening systems.

Nisreen Shocair is Director of Business
Development at Bertelsmann and is in charge
of development in the Napster project.

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