Re: [rumori] Re: advertising & collage

From: Reggae Death Squad(tm) ("Reggae)
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 11:59:35 PST

> >ALL of TV is an ad? Rabbit, surely you were being facetious.
> Actually, no.

Don't forget that all TV shows are are a means to rope you into watching
commercials. Otherwise there would be no such thing as "free" TV. It's
what the web has been trying to immitate for a few years now.

> >What about PBS or public access?
> Dude, you have no idea. PBS is COMPLETELY corporatized. I know people
> who have made documentaries for them that get paid but don't get aired
> because Atlantic Richfield puts so much money into PBS>

The only difference on PBS is that "advertisers" are now called
"underwriters". I've actually seen now that they have full 30 second ads
on PBS for their "underwriters". I think the one I saw was for Dodge Ram
or something.

Hammer Presley (
Spokesmodel - Reggae Death Squad(tm)

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