Re: [rumori] Re: advertising & collage

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 11:06:05 PST

>ALL of TV is an ad? Rabbit, surely you were being facetious.

Actually, no.

>What about PBS or public access?

Dude, you have no idea. PBS is COMPLETELY corporatized. I know people
who have made documentaries for them that get paid but don't get aired
because Atlantic Richfield puts so much money into PBS>

>Locally, public access is to TV
>what college stations are to radio.

This is true. So perhaps I do mean to say that the box and the technology
which comprises television is not inherently a big ad, but thae way it is
practiced on all but the very local levels is.

>Though you say even the programming
>itself is an ad. In that case...on commercial radio, the music
>itself is an ad to you, yes?

Don's made the point rather well that radio still allows more flexibility
with programming. Yes, most corporate radio stations, like the KISS and
APPLE station networks have global playlists which they foist upon us.
But the kind fo flow control you see in television isn't as tight in
radio. There is a LOT of room for weirdness and experimentation in the
airwaves, whereas with TV there is very little if any.
>I know you do animation for Disney, but do you have FULL control
>over your content, or do you have to make artistic compromises?

Constantly compromising. It is whoring. It is ludicrous.

>Do you consider it art at all, in addition to it being an ad?

Vaguely, but I suppose this is just to keep myself from taking up

>Or is it art until it airs...whereas it becomes an ad?

No, I made ads for Disney.

>BTW, Rabbit, I think Disney is the anti-christ. Please don't
>hold that against me.

You do not know they are the anti-christ like I know they are!

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