[rumori] Re: advertising & collage

From: illegal art (illegalartATdetritus.net)
Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 15:57:38 PST


i recall a fair use (parody) case in advertising where appropriation was
allowed. i don't remember the details but i think it involved an
advertisement for naked gun 2?? as a parody of a vanity fair magazine
cover. so basically you are suggesting tightening laws in one area
(advertising), while loosening them in another (pure art... if such a thing

also, don't Negativland releases contain the logo of a business (Seeland)
that sells/markets various products (concerts, t-shirts, books, posters,
cds)? should you have fewer rights than other artists who operate
completely outside of the market?

and doesn't the notion that collage can only exist under certain
circumstances weaken our argument that collage should be equal to other art
works since all art is somewhat derivitive. are we suggesting that collage
works really don't constitute new and original work?

now steev,

i am not sure exactly what you were proposing... but wouldn't limiting art
rights to works that "do good in the world" be similar to limiting free
speech to only speech that does good? doesn't art partially exist to
challenge notions of what may or may not be good?

personally i think we should focus more on expanding the boundaries of art
(whether it is fine art, commercial art, or something in between) rather
than trying to come up with new restrictions.

i don't even know if i would even trust card carrying rumori members to
establish guidelines for what should or shouldn't be allowed in art. no
disrespect intended... we all generally agree, but once we start trying to
draw lines we may notice some radical differences.

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