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Date: Sat Mar 03 2001 - 22:26:50 PST


This is almost identical to what I was saying a few days ago. Even if
the art has been done OVER AND OVER and it's so overdone that it's
bland and boring to the majority of DOES serve purpose in terms
of pushing the boundaries of it's own art. My girlfriend likes to make
abstract paintings, and often feels "what's the point? it's been done
before, right?" but then realizes that the more she does it, the more
she pushes herself, and the boundaries of what "abstract" is and means.

A lot of stuff we consider commercial crap IS art, and as long as it
is allowed to exist, it will grow and evolve into something else, outside
of the boundaries it currently has. It might evolve into greater and more
powerful CRAP, but nevertheless it will evolve, like all art does.

Though I don't think anyone was suggesting commercial art should
be LIMITED...rather we're discussing a personal preference of art.

Every Man

At 08:57 AM 3/4/2001 +0900, you wrote:
>now steev,
>i am not sure exactly what you were proposing... but wouldn't limiting art
>rights to works that "do good in the world" be similar to limiting free
>speech to only speech that does good? doesn't art partially exist to
>challenge notions of what may or may not be good?
>personally i think we should focus more on expanding the boundaries of art
>(whether it is fine art, commercial art, or something in between) rather
>than trying to come up with new restrictions.
>i don't even know if i would even trust card carrying rumori members to
>establish guidelines for what should or shouldn't be allowed in art. no
>disrespect intended... we all generally agree, but once we start trying to
>draw lines we may notice some radical differences.
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