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From: Steev Hise (
Date: Sun Mar 04 2001 - 08:50:09 PST

Sun, 4 Mar 2001 found illegal art writing:

>now steev,
>i am not sure exactly what you were proposing... but wouldn't limiting art

i wasnt proposing anything. just mentioning one of my
personal guidelines. I don't think there should be ANY
governmental body that determines what art is. that's just
too difficult, even for so-called "art professionals", and
it's asking for trouble.

[ tangentially - I think artists should be able to do
whatever they please within the same laws that all other
citizens are subject to. However there is a frequent air of
entitlement i see a lot in the art world and even the music
world (especially the art/academic music world) , where
artists seem to want MORE rights or support than "normal
people" (whatever that means) , which i think is wrong. ]

my only real point in my scree was that things are more
complicated than Don proposes they are.


Steev Hise, Technical Thug
"We should get up, but the humming holds us down."
                -Jay Pinka

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