Re: [rumori] Re: advertising & collage

From: nakedrabbit (
Date: Mon Mar 05 2001 - 03:24:51 PST

Don Joyce wrote:

>Because it's NOT free expression.
>Ads are attaching somebody's work (the ad agency, other art, etc) to a
>THIRD party's interests - not for the sake of the ad agency's art work in
>itself, and not for the sake of the art used, but for the sake of the
>product paying for it.

So what about television? ALL of TV is one big ad, even the
"programming." I know I am often involved (as an animator) in making
half-hour "ads" for the Disney brand. Ads drive evrything on TV, even to
the point that stations themselves are brands of advertising conduit.

Personally, I think YES, that TV is one big ad, and should pay for
everything under the Joyce Plan. But you may have a different idea?

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