Re: [rumori] dreams / sampling

From: l'anger east orb (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 13:52:48 PST

I'm not sure if any recordings of Breton exist, but he wrote novels and
poetry. In his poetry he utilized a great deal of automatic writing. I think
Les Champs Magnetique provides a great example of this. However some of his
other novels are a bit more conservative stylistically. I picked up Nadja at
the Salvation Army. It's almost victorian, I don't know how else to describe
narrator's motivation. From what I remember Mad Love was about a homosexual
man trying to avoid unwanted advances while sleeping in women's beds.

Your dream reminded me of a visual arts piece I saw in one of my friend's
art books. It's a fairly popular photograph, on postcards and such. It has a
some guy's chest with a t-shirt printed with a list of authoritative
ideological statements about art, women and politics that contradict each
other. I'll try finding it again and writing them down.

Angela Roberts
(new, btw)

>From: Every Man <>
>Subject: Re: [rumori] dreams / sampling
>Date: 9 Mar 2001 13:16:28 -0800
>Interesting....and here I've not heard of Breton's work.
>Would anyone be interested in hearing an audio contruction of this dream?
>I've been considering it since last night. I might just go and do it
>Would be interesting to hear your opinion on it...Lloyd's as well.
>I was going to use my own voice to emulate the vocal tones of the voices in
>my dream, but that's not nearly as fun as finding spoken word samples that
>they almost the same thing, it just takes longer that way.
>On Fri, 09 March 2001, "Chris Ball" wrote:
> > Your dream is a veritable "sample" of Breton's Surrealist Manifesto #1,
> > "music" spliced in place of "poetry!" You can borrow my copy if you

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