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From: stereogab ...... (stereogabAThotmail.com)
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 14:18:21 PST

>From: Every Man:

>In regards to what you say about surrealism in advertising, I think that
>same technique is used just about anywhere on television anymore, isn't it?
>Most of TV's sitcoms and action/adventure shows seem to all have quite a
>surrealistic stretch about them. I wonder if this is making them more

RE: surrealist TV ads, it's been said that for TV advertising to remain
successful once technologies that facilitate interactive TV, like Personal
Video Recorders (e.g. 'Tivo,') which allow for easier commercial zapping,
ads must be more entertaining to capture audience attention. Also, with
blurring boundaries, will we notice a profound difference between ads and
other content anymore? (more on this below)

>Or if this harkens back to the "appealing to the subconscious level"
>concept...perhaps many of us are buying into these ads and tv shows on a
>subconscious level.

i agree....or are the ads and tv shows buying into our dreams on their own
subconscious level? ;-) sorry couldn't resist.
>I often wonder if someday ads will be no longer ads, and instead...embedded
>within the programs you're watching on TV. I'm willing to bet statistics
>are showing that people prefer subtle ads, versus direct ads...and
>therefore direct advertising will go away, and instead, incorporate itself
>into the shows we watch.

Actually, it might very well happen also due to the anticipated changing tv
experience. I'd expect more product placement, overt or otherwise, more
blurring of content and commerce...just this week, it was reported that.."In
a move that could further blur the line between news reporting and
Procter & Gamble is expected to announce as early as Wednesday that it will
use plugs in television-news stories to market P&G brands more effectively
over the Internet."

--on another note that was brought up, perhaps audio culture jamming has a
lot in common with teh surrealist techniques due to an art history lineage
-- let's hypothesize that if CJ is informed by a punk/DIY ethic and punk
influenced by the situationists, which had links to the Dadaists and
surrealists...then it's all in the family, right? just a thought.


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