Re: [rumori] surrealist ads / TV
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 12:35:48 PST

    For anyone who finds a book-length discussion like "The Conquest of Cool"
hard to finish (for stylistic reasons or any other), I'd recommend "Commodify
Your Dissent", a collection of "salvos from the Baffler". All essays and
polemics from the Baffler, written by a number of authors (including Frank)
and edited by Frank and Matt Weiland. Highly engaging and, for students like
myself who don't have enough time to finish even their assigned readings,
available in happily-bite-sized chunks.


<< Every Man, there is a book you on advertising in the last half of the
 century you might like. It's called "The Conquest of Cool" by Thomas Frank,
 the "Baffler" guy. Steev brought it to my attention or reccomended it to
 me. It was all about how advertising came of age by trying to make their
 product seem "cool." I never finished the book but it was interesting - I
 guess I just didn't like Frank's style... >>
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