Re: [rumori] Everyday Psychedelia - Surrealism, Dreams, and Sampling

From: l'anger east orb (
Date: Sat Mar 10 2001 - 12:44:14 PST

No offense Dan, but your friend probably didn't know what you were talking
about. Either that or he's just very dumb.

I'm not sure if television is becoming more surreal. I spent the morning
watching a tape of Betty Boop cartoons made in 1932, and now would not at
all be surprised if a anthropomorphic skat-singing mouse looked up my skirt.
But I think cartoons occupy a seperate cultural hemisphere, so I won't talk
about that.

I think that television has very desensitizing effect. I never noticed how
weird it was until I quit watching it and started again.

I think that perhaps the "weirdness" that we observe is part of the visual
media. I can recall any "natural" television. When you watch it you're being
transported into another place, or being fooled into believing something
very deliberatly staged is real.


>His perspective seemed weirder than the TV commercials themselves. I had to
>pinch myself ;^)
>Like I said, he's no genius, but could this be a larger phenomenon? Are
>people REALLY losing touch with reality? Was my friend simply a drug
>addled, troubled teenager or has the Media co-opted his perception of
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