[rumori] Everyday Psychedelia - Surrealism, Dreams, and Sampling

Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 12:37:28 PST

"not a part of MY everyday reality."

I used to have a roommate who had a younger friend who was down on his luck
and needed somewhere to crash. He was a nice guy, but a little dull - maybe
that had something to do with starting hard drugs in the 7th grade and
dropping out of highschool his sophomore year. While not being
representitive, I hope, of a great proportion of the population I
considered him to be entirely average and a gauge of Popular Culture.

We were watching TV one night and I mentioned how psychedelic/surreal TV
was getting ALL THE TIME. He thought I was bullshitting. So I said I prove
it with the next commercial. It was the commercial of the raptor dinosaur
playing basketball against one of the Raptors pro B-ball players. To him
the commercial entirely made sense and didn't seem a bit unreal. I thought
maybe there was a communication barrier, but the next commercial was for a
car sale. Cars in red, white, and blue were flying and spinning and zooming
around the TV screen! Geometric shapes in the same bright colors were
spinning and flashing while a march played underneath the narrator's voice.
Still he didn't think TV was all that "trippy" or no less real or unreal
than his video games.

His perspective seemed weirder than the TV commercials themselves. I had to
pinch myself ;^)

Like I said, he's no genius, but could this be a larger phenomenon? Are
people REALLY losing touch with reality? Was my friend simply a drug
addled, troubled teenager or has the Media co-opted his perception of


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