Re: [rumori] surrealism, ads and Capital Letters

From: Steev Hise (
Date: Fri Mar 09 2001 - 12:24:49 PST

Fri, 9 Mar 2001 found Lloyd Dunn writing:

>i've always found this interesting: advertising makes constant and
>sophisticated use of surrealist techniques. a shoe thrown into a tree

The connection seems semi-obvious to me.
A lot of Surrealism is all about desire, or so I've always
thought. ( Isn't there some famous quote of Breton's, or
someone like that, about 'unchained desire'? I can't
remember). Anyway, since advertising is also all about
desire, or manufactured desire, it's a perfect match.

In addition, I think there's an innate yearning for
sur-reality. To some this yearning is more concious, to
others it is sublimated. The surrealists sought to surface
this yearning. Similarly, by manipulating this yearning,
advertisers can do very powerful things. [ i really WANT to
see people dancing on subways, pools appearing out of thin
air in deserts, etc etc. ( "I want to live in the world as
in a museum of strangeness" - DiChirico ), therefore I am
more open to media that contain these sorts of images. etc
etc.] they can transform the desire for strangeness into the
ersatz desire for material goods.

>these are glimpses into the dreamstate of corporations. something
>beyond the mere selling of soap flakes is going on here -- these are
>expressions of corporate fantasy. they take the posture of humor so

speaking of corporate dreamstates - this is a good time to
annouce a new detritus-related project -

It's a web log with an anti-corporate, anti-capitalist
focus. if you have relevant links and they are not quite
right for rumori, send em to me and i'll put them there.

anyway, check out the first entry......


Steev Hise, Automagickal Adept
"It is worth something to remind ourselves that the great artists -
 certainly the great moderns - are almost always in opposition
 to their society."
                -Norman Mailer

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