[rumori] John Wall and Constructions?

From: Michael Howes (mhowesATbest.com)
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 13:36:25 PST

  just read the short interview with John Wall in the new Wire.....

they say a new albums will be out this month, "Constructions V-VII"
doing a couple quick searches it looks like it is out....

  anyone heard it?

I have "Fractuur", "Alterstill" and "Fear of Gravity"
  but I've also found myself liking each new release a little bit
less.....(hey I liked all the classical and death metal craziness of the
early work)....

  So there was/is a "Constructions I-IV"??

  and I'll be damned I just found a review of I-IV on motion....


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