Re: [rumori] curve of sound innovation

From: matt davignon (
Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 - 13:34:45 PST

Sources say Steev Hise allegedly wrote:

>but Bono said there was still so much to do with a 4/4 beat!

....and he's right. Although my personal guess is that he's right by
accident. There is tons of area to be explored in the realm of 4/4. There
isn't however, a lot of new stuff to do using the same instruments with the
same methods, with the same verse/chorus structure that every top 40 band
and aspiring pop musician has used for almost 50 years now. That area has
been plowed over ad infinitum.

>->but if we were to put out 'pop' albums, I believe it would turn the world
>->its ear.
>i fear that there's no way i could make a good pop album.
>(there's equal probability of my being elected president, i
>think, and for similar reasons.) but then this all depends
>on the definition of 'pop'.....
>Steev Hise, Technical Thumb

Hmmm, to me "pop" means having "songs" rather than "durations of music". I'm
not saying that we (the experimental music community) all SHOULD become pop
musicians. I'm just saying that if more of us occasionally put out an album
of "pop songs", it would bring an amazing amount of fresh material and ideas
into the form. For example, look at the Residents, Tom Waits, Coil, Gastr
del Sol, um, Wobbly's song "Wishlist", um, The pop songs on Negativland's
"Dispepsi". Sure, they might not ever make the Billboard lists, but they'd
sure beat the crap that MTV sells as "new".
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